Hair Soap S19 Baobab oil


This unique hair soap is made with all natural ingredients. Recommended for long hair, Toun28 Hair Soap S19 Baobab Oil cleanses and provides moisture and nourishment from the superfood: phycocyanin that has been extracted from the Baobab tree. Olive oil and Argan Oil have been added to the formula for extra nourishment. Skip the harsh chemicals that other shampoos contain by adding this hair-healthy soap bar to your routine ! 

  • Baobab Tree Oil - a multi-tasking ingredient that hydrates and sustains hair health
  • Olive Oil - softens while strengthening, producing sleek, shiny hair
  • Argan Oil - improves scalp health and increases deep hydration for lustrous and robust tresses

Organic, solid, vegan & cruelty free

85 g




how to use

Lather and rub the scalp - Rinse.


 Baobab Tree Oil, Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Phycocyanin, Spirulina extract, Tocopherol, Camellia Japonica Essential Oil