Hair Soap S18 Tangleweed extract


This unique soap bar is especially designed to cleanse and rejuvenate hair while using no harsh ingredients. Toun28 Hair Soap with Tangleweed Extract is a one-of-a kind product that effectively removes hair styling products such as wax and gel. Suitable for all hair type. Replace your chemical-filled shampoos and plastic bottles with this special product for healthy, glossy hair !

  • Laminaria Extract - promotes scalp and hair health while decreasing dandruff and inflammation 
  • Tourmaline Powder - an ingredient that replaces harsh chemicals to cleanse skin and hair
  • Volcanic ash - refreshes and repairs damage for soft, smooth, more lustrous looking hair

Organic, solid, vegan & cruelty free

85 g




how to use

Lather and rub the scalp - Rinse.


 Ellite, Laminaria Extract, Thormaline Powder, Volcanicash, Tocopherol