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I. Introduction.

South Korea is a country with a deep and beautiful culture. Its skin care habits are not despised. Copy this website code to your website to set up a ballot box on your website. We decrypted the zipper routine for you to ensure that each step is clear and detailed. If you can ignore some steps, you should follow this command when applying your product.

Detergent based on oil or makeup remover It is mainly used in the evening to remove skin impurities, such as cosmetics, selenium and solar screen.

First cleaner

When you use micelle water as a dust remover, make sure to wash properly, because micelle particles will stay on your skin and sensitivity.

Apply makeup remover with dry hands and dry face. Once you start rinsing, it becomes a creamy texture that's easy to rinse.

In the morning and evening, the second cleaner removes pollutants such as transpiration, dirt and pollution, and cleans the skin in depth.

Second cleaner

With sponge cleaner, sponge fiber will massage the skin by promoting blood circulation and provide very soft defoliation to bring luster to your skin.


Because our skin is constantly renewed, lethal cells accumulate on the surface. The main purpose of defoliants is to remove these cells to avoid staining, blocking pores and roughness.

Toners help restore skin pH levels that have been reduced during cleaning. It softens the skin and increases permeability, making the following products more effective and accessible.


Aha, BHA and vitamin C exfoliate the skin by smoothly removing excess dead cells from the skin surface or by immersion in the pores. They give you a softer, brighter and brighter color.

Vitamin C

AHA removes the skin surface for luster, while BHA removes the pores. Vitamin C lights up its color and acts as an antioxidant to control damage caused by the sun and the environment.

Some people call it the heart of Korea's beautiful model. The texture of gasoline is fluid, usually viscous, and concentrated into active ingredients.


Gasoline provides the first layer of hydration and serves as the basis for beauty rituals. It stimulates cell regeneration and skin recovery.



Serum and light bulbs contain active ingredients that are concentrated in a formula that is easy to access the skin. This step deals with specific skin problems, such as aging, swelling pores, pigmentation, etc. strong antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients have a significant impact on skin health and vitality.

Fabric mask

Fabric masks work better after serum or light bulbs. By keeping your skin hydrated longer, they encourage your skin to absorb more nutrients and vitamins. She became very hydrated and rebounded

The area around the eye is very sensitive and must be treated accordingly - with extra hydration and protection. Apply eye cream to the orbital bone and gently press with your fingers to absorb the eye cream.

Eye contour

Eye cream cannot replace the contour of eye cream. But they are your best allies if you want to smooth the contours of your eyes and get a new one! They can also deal effectively with the selves

The moisturizer forms a protective film that seals all the previous steps. By fixing hydration, it maintains a protective barrier to the skin.

Face cream

In general, emulsions, lotions and gels are "lighter" cream. They are usually water-based and are more suitable for fatty, dry, mixed and acne skin. Cream usually contains more oil and is more suitable for dry and mature skin.

☽ Mask of night

Several times a week, with extra skin care and optimized sleep! The night mask forms a protective film on your skin to prevent evaporation of moisture at night. Light cream gel, a thin and even mask covering the entire face, will seal all care steps to improve efficiency. What's more, cells change at night!

Whatever the season, it is important to apply a sunscreen that contains an SPF factor, which protects us from UVB rays (responsible for sunburn) and which contains a PA factor, which protects us from UVA rays (responsible aging of the skin). Korean sunscreens have the distinction of having these two factors in their formulas and the protection is clearly written on the packaging.