Are the products on NIASHA 100% authentic?
Absolutely! We are proud to source our products from the brands directly or from a legitimate and
trusted distributor. Whenever you are shopping with NIASHA, you can be assured that you are
always getting authentic and genuine products directly from Korea.

Are all products on NIASHA Cruelty-free?
Yes, there are ! A bill was passed in South Korea back in 2016 that required that all beauty brands to
be cruelty-free by 2018. However, not all products are Vegan. Feeling a bit lost? Check our blog post
on Cruelty Free and Vegan Skincare to understand the difference.

Do I need to follow the 10-steps Korean routine to get flawless skin?
The 10-step routine is a guideline that covers the possible steps and order of application in a
skincare routine. It’s a good outline to follow if you want to cover all your bases, but some steps are
definitely optional, and some can be used only when needed. You can also mix and match Korean
and non-Korean brands. The best routine is the one that works for you, regardless of the number of

Is Korean beauty suitable for Asian skin only?
Nope  Korean products are used by people all over the world and are sold internationally by non-
Korean retailers - because they work on everyone! However, each individual has different skin
regardless of ethnicity, so it’s important to choose right products with ingredients that meet your
specific skin needs.

I can’t find my favorite KBeauty product/brand on NIASHA

We are always open for products recommendations and requests, so feel free to email us at
info@niasha.fr !