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Are you trying to live cleaner, be healthier, or be greener? Maybe you want to reduce your carbon footprint, choosing companies that are responsible with natural resources. Maybe you just want to live simpler, embracing a more minimalistic lifestyle

It’s hard to keep motivated, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. One easy step is to use skincare by brands that prioritize natural ingredients, cut the frills, and are eco-friendly. E Nature (short for “Everyone’s Nature”) is a relatively young, minimalist brand, that’s foundation is based on the use of natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology. Their guiding principle is that their products are for everyone: all skin types and genders.

They’re also admirably committed to protecting the environment. All their products are animal testing and cruelty-free, and almost all are vegan (their Cicaherb Multi-Balm contains beeswax). Products are packaged in functional, eco-friendly containers, and printed with soy-based ink.

Like many k-beauty brands, E Nature uses natural ingredients that are shown to have beneficial properties. Their most popular line is their birch line, which is birch sap-based (as opposed to water-based), drawing on the hydrating powers of the sap to imitate the skin’s natural moisture, and restoring the skin barrier. Birch sap is also easily absorbed (due to its small molecular size) and contains a skin-boosting cocktail of vitamin B3, vitamin C, amino acids, and antioxidants.

If you’re reluctant to try new products because of sensitivities and fear of irritation, you’ll be pleased to know that E Nature conducts thorough skin safety testing on all their products, uses no synthetics or parabens, and no artificial fragrances.

Because even the best ingredients are of no use if they can’t be harnessed by your skin, E Nature has developed a smart absorption system to maximize the effectiveness of the ingredients, as well as a smart delivery system that slowly releases active ingredients over time.  

Excited to try something? Here is a mini skincare routine featuring some of E Nature’s best selling products!

  1. Moringa Cleansing Balm

    This cleansing balm took the k-beauty world by storm, and was named Soko Glam’s 2017 Best of K-Beauty. This sherbert-type cleanser can be used as the first step of your double cleanse, melting away makeup and dirt without drying out your skin. It contains moringa seed extract to purify, and birch sap to hydrate. Good for all skin types. 

    1. Marshmallow Cleansing Foam

    This cleanser uses marshmallow leaf (a plant, not the sweet, puffy stuff), lychee, and maca root extracts to soothe skin while cleansing. Its creamy formula helps with irritation and works for all skin types. Looking to detox? This cleanser effectively detoxes your skin, leaving it soft and blemish-free!

    1. Squeeze Green Watery Toner

    This toner is chock full of plant and herb extracts designed to strengthen your skin and control oiliness and breakouts. Parsley extract delivers vitamins C and B to improve elasticity and fight signs of aging, while kale helps prevent breakouts by balancing sebum production. Superfoods for your skin!

    1. Birch Juice Hydro Essence Skin

      For extra hydration, this essence is formulated with 78% birch sap instead of water. Chamomile and plantain seed extract reduce inflammation, smooth, and soften skin. It has a light consistency and absorbs quickly.

      1. Birch Juice Hydro Cream

      This vegan daily cream is also birch sap-based, for maximum moisture. Plantain strengthens your skin barrier to help keep moisture in, and bacteria out. It’s also mineral oil-free, and can be used even with sensitive skin.

      1. Birch Juice Hydro Sleeping Pack

        Keep your skin plump and moisturized with a sleeping pack, especially during the winter! This pack is 74% birch sap-based, and uses chamomile to soothe and prevent inflammation. The best part? It does all this AND deeply moisturizes, all while you’re sleeping - no extra effort required! 

        Whatever your goals are, we can all benefit from taking better care of ourselves and our natural resources. Using skincare from a brand that is focused on sustainability and good-for-you ingredients is a small step in the right direction!


        April 28, 2019


        Autour de Marine

        Autour de Marine Said:

        Je ne savais pas du tout que cette marque ce positionnait autant dans le naturel et le bon ! J’ai pu tester le nettoyant Marshmallow via une box, et je l’avais vraiment beaucoup aimé. Une petite merveille !
        Bisous ;)



        Bonjour Madame, Monsieur, en navigant sur votre site , j’ai été séduite et je suis très intéressée. Je dois changer de routine beauté, ma peau change avec l’âge (44).
        En revanche, je souhaiterais recevoir quelques échantillons emblématiques (pour le visage) afin de vérifier si ma peau tolère vous produits. Je vais aussi initier ma fille de 15 ans aux bons gestes avec les bons soins, et évidemment, elle adore votre site aussi !
        Par avance merci pour votre réponse, Stéphanie Bernard et Lili ! Notre adresse est 5 rue du maréchal foch, apt 341 résidence parc du château 59120 LOOS NORD


        NIASHA Said:

        Coucou Marine ! Ravie de te voir ici ! J’ai adoré aussi le nettoyant au Marshmallow de la marque ! A très vite bise, Karine – NIASHA FRANCE


        NIASHA Said:

        Bonsoir Stéphanie, nous envoyons des échantillons et petites surprises dans toutes les commandes de nos clients. La composition de chaque soin est clairement décrite sur les fiches produits de tous les articles. Vous pouvez vous y référer avec confiance pour la tolérance de votre peau. De plus, il y a possibilité de trier les soins par type de peau et vous pouvez cocher “Peau sensible” pour plus de sécurité si vous avez un doute ! Merci pour votre intérêt et vive le partage des soins mères/filles !!! Bravo !
        Karine – NIASHA FRANCE

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